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RICARDO SAMITIER: Aparentemente El Ejercito de USA Ha Desarrollado Una Bomba INTELIGENTE” Que No Mata NIÑOS
Ni Civiles…
La “Guerra Aérea” No Es Una Guerra… Mientras
Ningún Periódico ABIERTAMENTE Ha Dicho La
Desde Luego de la Prensa… Socialista, Pro
Homosexual y Ahora Pro Mariguana… Que Se
Ha atrevido a Publicar Que Desde Que se Aprobó la Mariguana
En Colorado… “Se Han Reducido Los Accidentes”
La Prensa Hace Todo Los POSIBLE Por Tapar Los
La “Apertura” A Nuevas Mini Empresas Creada Por Raúl Castro 
Es Simplemente  Una Autorización De La “Bolsa Negra”
Qué No Podían Controlar Ni Cóbrales Impuestos…

Hoy En Primera Plana Del Nuevo Herald Nos Tratan De Engañar Reportando Que
Están De “VISITA EN MIAMI INVITADAS Para Mejorar Sus “Nuevas Empresas…”
“5 Mujeres”  Que No Se Quejan De Los Altos Impuestos Ni De Los Sobornos
Porque No Dicen La Verdad… El Gobierno Ha Autorizado A Que Las
ECONOMÍA SUBTERRAMEA que realizaban a ESCONDIDAS  como mujeres Que
Peinaban Y Arreglaban amigas en Sus Casas… (Que Estaban trabajando Sujetas
A SER Denunciadas) Ahora… Se Registren Y Paguen Impuestos… Lo Mismo A Los
Que Hacían Cualquier Trabajo Como Plomeros, Carpinteros, Etc. Que Vivian Bajo El Sobresalto De Ser Denunciados… Ahora El Gobierno Ha Autorizado A Esos Ciudadanos A REGISTRASE Y PAGAR IMPUESTOS…  Si Triunfan Y Se Hacen Grandes… Le Quitan O Le Cierran El Negocio…  
Esa es la VERDAD… ¿Qué clase de PERSONAS escriben en el Herald? Para mí son

M ALEMAN: Well Said ....
Hamas is attacking.  Israel is defending.  Russia is invading.  The Middle East is smoldering.  Boko Haram is massacring.  ISIS is marching.  Iran and N Korea are threatening.  American cities are crumbling.  Our southern border is dissolving.  Our debt is skyrocketing.  Obamacare is falling apart.  The VA is showing us how Obamacare will wind up. The IRS is violating the law.  Americans are hurting.  Our enemies are laughing.
Obama is fundraising.  Please take it easy on Obama, it is his first job!

Jorge A Villalon: I consider this bad English, I thought a professor can write better, but I am wrong, I checked it and yes, he wrote it.               Some of you will not agree with Mr. Hanson’s analyses but the sheer volume of facts (and yes, they are facts) presented make this worth reading in my opinion.

Airstrikes in Iraq: Obama goes on Vacation

The world could be falling apart and Obama would still go on vacation. Oh wait, it is falling apart.
Check it out:
Amid an international ebola health emergency, U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, and the illegal immigration crisis surging on the southern border, President Barack Obama leaves on Saturday for a lavish Martha’s Vineyard twelve day vacation at the 8,100-square foot mansion of Democratic Party donor Joanne Hubschman.
The timing of Obama’s swank vacation has even the president’s supporters worried.
“Even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters are questioning the wisdom of this summer’s sojourn as war roils Gaza and a wave of families and children are crossing the southwestern US border illegally,” reports the Boston Globe.
The White House announced Thursday that Obama will briefly interrupt his vacation by returning to Washington on Sunday, August 17, for a few meetings and then jetting back to the Massachusetts island retreat on August 19 to CONTINUEDescription: his vacation until August 24th.
Read the rest of this Patriot Update article here:

Our Roost, Obama’s Chickens  
 From the Middle East to Russia to our own southern border, Obama’s bills are coming due. 
By Victor Davis Hanson
Often, crazy things seem normal for a time because logical catastrophes do not immediately follow.
A deeply suspicious Richard Nixon systematically and without pushback for years undermined and politicized almost every institution of the federal government, from the CIA and the FBI to the IRS and the attorney general’s office. Nixon seemed to get away with it — until his second term. Once the public woke up, however, the eventual accounting proved devastating: resignation of a sitting president, prison sentences for his top aides, collapse of the Republican party, government stasis, a ruined economy, the destruction of the Vietnam peace accords that had led to a viable South Vietnam, the end of Henry Kissinger’s diplomatic breakthroughs, and a generation of abject cynicism about government. Did Nixon ever grasp that such destruction was the natural wage of his own paranoia?

In the post-Watergate climate of reform, for nearly three years a naïve Jimmy Carter gave utopian speeches about how American forbearance would end the Cold War and create a new world order based on human rights — until America’s abdication started to erode the preexisting global order. Scary things followed, such as the fall of the shah of Iran, the rise of Iranian theocracy, the taking of American hostages in Tehran, revolutions and insurrection throughout Central America, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, radical Islamists taking over Mecca, more gas lines, continued stagflation, and China invading Vietnam. Did the puritanical Carter ever understand what might be the consequences of his own self-righteousness in an imperfect world?

Barack Obama likewise has done some crazy things that seemed for years to have no ramifications. Unfortunately, typical of the ways of Nemesis (a bitter goddess who waits until the opportune moment to demand payment for past hubris), suddenly the bills for Obama’s six years of folly are coming due for the American people.

When a president occasionally fails to tell the truth, you get a scandal like the monitoring of the Associated Press reporters. When a president serially fails to tell the truth, you get that plus the scandals involving the IRS, the NSA, the VA, Benghazi, and too many others to mention.

The same is true abroad. The American public hardly noticed when Obama recklessly withdrew every peacekeeper from Iraq. Did he not boast of “ending the Iraq War”? It did not mind when the U.S. posted dates for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trashing all the Bush–Cheney anti-terrorism protocols, from Guantanamo to renditions, did not make much sense, when such policies had worked and, in fact, were of use to Obama himself. But again, most Americans took no note. Apparently the terrorists did, however, and they regrouped even as the president declared them “on the run.”

Lecturing Israel while praising Islamist Turkey was likewise ignored. America snoozed as its president insidiously redefined its role in the Middle East as secondary to the supposed pivot to Asia. Each new correction in and of itself was comparatively minor; but in aggregate they began to unravel the U.S.-inspired postwar global order.

At first, who cared whether Iran serially violated every Obama deadline on halting nuclear enrichment? Did we worry that Libya, where Obama was proud of having led from behind, was descending into Somalia? Few Americans were all that bothered over Obama’s empty order to Syrian president Bashar Assad to step down, or over Obama’s later vacuous red-line threats that bombs would follow any use by Assad of chemical weapons.

Few noted that Obama lied to the nation that a video had caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, that Obama had known who the real terrorist perpetrators were but had ordered no immediate action to kill or capture them, and that Americans had been engaged in mysterious and still unexplained covert activities in Benghazi. After all that, we still shrugged when the president traded five top terrorist leaders for an alleged American deserter.

Trashing George W. Bush’s policy toward Vladimir Putin while promising a new reset approach (illustrated with a plastic red button) to an aggressive dictator raised few eyebrows at the time. Nor did many Americans worry that our Pacific allies were upset over Chinese and North Korean aggression that seemed to ignore traditional U.S. deterrence.

We were told that only Obama-haters at home had catalogued the president’s apologies abroad, his weird multicultural bowing to authoritarians, his ahistorical speeches about mythical Islamic achievements, his surreal euphemisms for radical Islam, terrorism, and jihadism, his shrill insistence about civilian trials for terrorists and closing Guantanamo, or the radical cutbacks at the Pentagon, coupled with the vast increase in entitlement spending.

But after six years of all that, our allies have got the message that they are on their own, our enemies that there are few consequences to aggression, and neutrals that joining with America does not mean ending up on the winning side. The result is that the Middle East we have known since the end of World War II has now vanished

Supposedly crackpot fantasies about a worldwide “caliphate” are becoming reified. What were once dismissed as conspiracy theories about an “Iranian arc” —  from a nuclear Tehran through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon to the borders of Israel to the Shiite minorities in the Gulf kingdoms — do not seem so crazy.

The idea of visiting the Egyptian pyramids or hoping to reengage with a reforming Libya is absurd. The best of the Middle East — Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan — no longer count on us. The worst — ISIS, Iran, Syria — count on us to remain irrelevant or worse. Old allies in the Gulf would probably trust Israel or Russia more than the Obama administration. In the next two years, if Obama continues on his present course, we are going to see things that we could not have imagined six years ago in the Middle East, as it reverts to premodern Islamic tribalism.

The same trajectory has been followed on the home front. Americans at first were amused that the great conciliator — and greatest political recipient on record of Wall Street cash — went after the rich with an array of hokey epithets and slurs (fat cats, corporate-jet owners, Vegas junketeers, limb-lopping and tonsil-pulling doctors, business owners who should not profit, or should know when they have made enough money, or should admit they didn’t build their own businesses). Few connected the dots when the polarizing attorney general — the John Mitchell of our time — referred to African-Americans as “my people” and all the rest of the nation as “cowards.” Did we worry that the craziest things seem to come out of the president’s own mouth — the Trayvon-like son he never had, the stereotyping police, the absence of a “smidgen” of corruption in the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, or the mean Republicans who “messed” with him?

The president before the 2012 elections lamented to Latino groups that he did not have dictatorial powers to grant amnesty but urged them in the meantime to “punish our enemies” — a sort of follow-up to his 2008 “typical white person” incitement. Who was bothered that with “a pen and a phone” Obama for the first time in American history emasculated the U.S. Border Patrol, as part of a larger agenda of picking and choosing which federal laws the executive branch would enforce?

Those choices seemed to be predicated on two extralegal criteria: Did a law contribute to Obama’s concept of social justice, and did it further the progressive political cause? If the answer was no to either, the statute was largely unenforced. No president since World War II has done more to harm the U.S. Constitution — by ordering the executive branch not to enforce particular laws, by creating by fiat laws never enacted by Congress, by monitoring the communications of journalists and average Americans, by making appointments contrary to law — to the apparent yawns of the people.

Too few also seemed to care that almost everything the president had promised about Obamacare — keep your health plan, retain your doctor, save money on your premiums, sign up easily online, while we were lowering the annual deficit and reducing medical expenditures — was an abject lie. In such a climate, Obama felt no need to issue accurate data about how many Americans had lost their health plans, how many had simply transferred to Obamacare from Medicaid, how many had actually paid their premiums, or how many were still uninsured. The media ignored the serial $1 trillion deficits, the chronic high unemployment and low growth, the nonexistence of the long-promised “summer of recovery,” and the nonappearance of “millions of shovel-ready and green jobs.” The fact that electrical-power rates, gasoline prices, and food costs have soared under Obama as wages have stagnated has never really been noticed. Nor have the record numbers of Americans on food stamps and disability insurance.

Meanwhile, as Obama has refused to enforce immigration law, the result is chaos. Tens of thousands of children are flooding across our border illegally, on the scent of Obama’s executive-order amnesties. Advocates of open borders, such as progressive grandees Mark Zuckerberg and Nancy Pelosi, assume that these impoverished Third World children will not enroll in the private academies attended by their children or grandchildren, or need housing in one of their vacation estates, or crowd their specialists’ waiting rooms. They do not worry about the effects of illegal immigration on the wages of low-income Americans. Dealing first-hand with the ramifications of open borders is for unenlightened, illiberal little people.

Obama’s economic legacy is rarely appreciated. He has institutionalized the idea that unemployment between 6 and 7 percent is normal, that annual deficits over $500 billion reflect frugality, that soaring power, food, and fuel costs are not proof of inflation, that zero interest rates are the reward for thrift, that higher taxes are always a beginning, never an end, and that there is no contradiction when elite progressives — the Obamas, the Clintons, the Warrens — trash the 1-percenters, while doing everything in their power to live just like them.

We are the roost and, to paraphrase the president’s former spiritual adviser, Obama’s chickens are now coming home to us.

—Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution

¿Qué no ha pasado nada?
Dr. Manuel Cereijo

¿Qué? ¿Qué aquí no ha pasado nada?  ¿Qué ahora, de pronto, existe el perdón, la paz, el olvido?  
¿Y dónde estaba el perdón y la paz y el amor cuando se fusilaba a mansalva? ¿Y dónde estaba el perdón, el amor, cuando se torturaba, se prendía, se maltrataba? Pero ahora se acuerdan que somos cristianos y sí, los cristianos perdonan, los cristianos aman, ¿pero es que los cristianos no pueden exigir justicia? 
¿Qué aquí no  ha pasado nada?
¿Y los miles de presos? ¿Y los cientos de presos que están todavía en las cárceles cubanas? ¿Y los muertos día a día en el mar? ¿Que, qué aquí no ha pasado nada?
¿Y la opresión en la que ha vivido el pueblo cubano durante 55años? ¿Y los derechos públicos, cívicos, sociales, económicos del pueblo cubano? ¿Paz, olvido, perdón, amor? ¿Y la justicia? ¿Qué aquí no ha pasado nada?
¿Y la situación infrahumana en la que está viviendo el pueblo cubano? ¿Y las confiscaciones? El robo de todo aquello merecido por tantos a base de trabajo, sudor, dinero, sacrificio, intelecto, talento, creatividad, riesgo. ¿Como, qué aquí no ha pasado nada?     
¿Y las torturas de tanta juventud? ¿Y tanta sangre derramada por sólo ansiar libertad y justicia? Son 5 décadas de abusos, de irresponsabilidades, de oprobios, de humillaciones, de repudios, de vejaciones, de separaciones. ¿Qué aquí no ha pasado nada?
Son más de 55 años de: “ó se está con la revolución o no se es cubano”; “ó se está con la revolución o se es apátrida”; “ó se está con la revolución o se es un paria”; “ó se está con la revolución ó no hay derecho a nada”.  No, ningún gobierno es Patria. Y, ¿qué aquí no ha pasado nada?     
Al empresario, al capitalista, al luchador, al creador de riqueza, se le llamó ladrón, explotador. Ahora se busca su capital. Alintelectual, al literato, al científico, al periodista, al artista, al profesional, al obrero, al campesino, al estudiante, por ser independientes, por querer ser libres, se les llamó traidores. Y ¿qué aquí no ha pasado nada?     
¿Ahora que el régimen agoniza? ¿Ahora que el sistema esta en bancarrota moral, social, política, intelectual, económica? ¿Ahora que lo que buscan es la subsistencia día a día, aferrados a un poder que los cegó? A una arrogancia criminal. ¿Que aquí no ha pasado nada?
Y una sociedad, un pueblo, que en 1959 se encontraba a la vanguardia en este Hemisferio, desde la educación y el arte, a la medicina y las telecomunicaciones, desde la salubridad al transporte, desde la música y la televisión a la agricultura y la construcción, desde el turismo hasta la industria ligera, desde de la industria azucarera y del tabaco a la industria del licor. Desde las leyes sociales a una clase media pujante. Desde el sector privado dinámico y fuerte a un campesinado productivo, independiente. Porque es una realidad innegable, que en solo 56 años de República, Cuba había alcanzado logros sociales, económicos, familiares, jamás vistos en este Hemisferio.      
A esta sociedad, la ha convertido en una sociedad de mendigos, a una sociedad sin fe, sin esperanza, sin pujanza, que vive, o mejor, subsiste, en condiciones miserables, infrahumanas. Y ¿que no ha pasado nada? 
No, aquí no ha pasado nada. Sólo miles de fusilados.
No, aquí no ha pasado nada. Solo más de dos millones de exiliados.  Sólo la confiscación de fincas, industrias, comercios, propiedades, consultas, oficinas.
No, aquí no ha pasado nada. Solo el terror constante, el miedo. Más de 500,000 personas presas en 55 años. 
No, aquí no ha pasado nada. Sólo la supresión de todos los derechos inherentes al ser humano, desde los más elementales a los de orden superior. Sólo la irresponsabilidad, la ineficacia, la mediocridad de un gobierno perpetuado por 49 años que ha llevado a un pueblo a la miseria. Solo la discriminación religiosa, la discriminación filosófica, la discriminación intelectual política, la discriminación nacional.
No, ¡aquí no ha pasado nada!
. Han pasado muchos años.    Muchos presos políticos, muchos fusilados, muchos torturados.    
¿Que no ha pasado nada?        
No, con los tiranos no se dialoga. No, con los asesinos no se dialoga. Se les doblega, se les presiona, se les exige, se les vence. Son muchos los muertos, los presos, muchas separaciones, muchas torturas, muchas vidas truncadas, mucho sufrimiento, mucha miseria. El final tiene que ser una derrota total, completa, limpia, sin  mediatizaciones.

“EMO” Hasta el papa perdono al Canciller de Nicaragua Miguel D’Escoto (Me niego a decirle Cardenal, en todo caso como Richeliu. Es un Asesino cómplice de Ortega)
No entiendo porque la Iglesia se mete en esto para añadirle más mierda. “Bergolio metete en lo que te toca, déjale la política a los políticos.  Lázaro R González Miño.


Shocking: Russian Bombers Are Circling The Skies Above U.S., Ready To Strike At Moment’s Notice

Major Beth Smith, spokeswoman for NORAD, commented about the...

Russian strategic bombers penetrated US airspace 16 times in the last 10 days, according to US defense officials. The bombers penetrated 16 times into northwestern US air defense identification zones. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel warned about the heightened possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
US jets scrambled in response to the Russian bombers several times.


Major Beth Smith, spokeswoman for NORAD, commented about the incursions, saying, ” Over the past week, NORAD has visually identified Russian aircraft operating in and around the U.S. air defense identification zones.”
Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon, who broke the story, wrote that the bomber flights are the “latest case of nuclear saber rattling by the Russians.”
Russia also violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987 signed by Reagan and Gorbachev by testing a nuclear cruise missile.
President Barack Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was America’s biggest strategic threat in the 2012 election:
A few months ago, when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia. Not al Qaeda; you said Russia. The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.
Admiral Cecil Haney, head of US Strategic Command, has spoken about the Russian nuclear threat, saying that Russia conducted several large nuclear war games in May.
He said this recently at a defense industry breakfast:
Additionally, we have seen significant Russian strategic aircraft deployments in the vicinity of places like Japan, Korea, and even our West Coast.
He went on to say:
Russia CONTINUESDescription: to modernize its strategic capabilities across all legs of its triad, and open source [reporting] has recently cited the sea trials of its latest [missile submarine], testing of its newest air-launched cruise missile and modernization of its intercontinental ballistic force to include its mobile capability in that area.
How concerned should the world be about Russia? Is Russia now a significant threat to American interests? Or was Hillary Clinton’s Russian “reset” successful?

ISIS Threatens America: ‘We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House’

The terror group President Barack Obama threatened to strike in Iraq Thursday evening is itself threatening to strike the American homeland.
“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), told VICE Media in a videointerview posted online Thursday. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.”
“We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” he added.
The video is the first of a multipart series on ISIS VICE Media says it plans to release. VICE Media reporter Medyan Dairieh recently spent three weeks in the ISIS-controlled Syrian city of Raqqa, which the terror group has proclaimed the capital of its newly declared Islamic caliphate.

White House Correspondent Says Obama from Kenya

 by Dave Jolly 
The evidence for Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth is overwhelming, but somehow his very powerful backers have managed to keep the foreign born usurper in office.
In 1991, a literary catalog published by Acton and Dystel identified one of their new authors as:
“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
In 2006, prior to his presidential run for office, Obama’s home village in Kenya had a sign declaring it to be his birthplace. Early in Obama’s political career, there was a video in which he mentioned his Kenyan birth and Michelle Obama did the same in another video, but those videos have been wiped from the cyber world.
There is also evidence that when Barack Obama attended Occidental College that he was REGISTEREDDescription: as a Muslim student and a citizen of Indonesia.
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse conducted a thorough investigation into the alleged official birth certificate released by the White House and has proven that it is a forgery and that the people involved with creating it and declaring it to be official committed an act of fraud. They also found evidence that Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card was forged or altered and that his SOCIAL SECURITYDescription: number originated in Connecticut where he never lived.
Obama has spent over $3 million keeping his documentation and records sealed from the general public. This only prompts the question of what he is hiding that is worth that much money and effort to hide?
In 2008, Bill Clinton was publicly questioning Obama’s birth during Hillary’s primary run. Sources revealed that Bill Clinton would not stop until someone connected with Obama threatened the life of his daughter Chelsea.
In 2010, James Orengo, Kenya’s Minister of Lands and a member of the Kenyan Parliament publicly stated:
“If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?”
There is more evidence of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth, yet the liberal mainstream media is so devoted to the illegal president that they refuse to push the issue or question his eligibility to hold the highest office in the land.
However, one news correspondent with a very liberal network inadvertently slipped while on the air. During the recent US – Africa Leaders Summit held in DC, MSNBC host Joy Reid was talking with NBC White House Correspondent Chris Jansing. Reid stated:
“The White House clearly, I assume, is hoping that this will be part of president’s legacy given his background.”
To which Jansing responded:
“Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya, and that fact that when he was elected there were expectations from the African continent that he would do great things for them. This is a concerted effort by this administration to get American companies to invest.”
Ten minutes later in the interview, Jansing realized what she had said, or someone told her in her earpiece, and she corrected her statement, saying:
“I misspoke at the top before. It is obviously the president’s father who is from Kenya.”
Reid graciously added:
“We, of course, know what you meant.”
It seems that every once in a while a liberal Obama supporting newsperson will make a similar slip. In 2008, very liberal National Public Radio identified Obama, who was still a US Senator at the time, as being Kenyan born and a ‘son of Africa.’ After WND reported the NPR reference, the radio network hastily removed the reference from their archives.
All I can say is that the people behind Obama have to be some of the richest and most powerful people in the world in order to pull off the greatest con and hoax in world history in getting a foreign born PERSONDescription: illegally elected to the presidency of the United States. This is also one reason why I look at everything Obama has done, legally and illegally in putting all of the pieces into play to declare a state of emergency, institute martial law and seize dictatorial control of the United States before his current term ends. Everything about him points to this conclusion.


THE RELIGION OF PEACE: ‘Leave, Convert, or Die’, ISIS Take Over of Iraq’s Largest Christian City

Let’s wait to see what this administration does as there is a looming genocide about to take place in Iraq. See below…
The White House stopped short Thursday of committing America’s military to stopping a potential “genocide” in Iraq, declining to say whether doing so is in “America’s core interests.”
Officials say the administration nevertheless is weighing options ranging from military strikes to the delivery of humanitarian aid for ethnic minorities driven from their homes by Islamist militants, according to the Associated Press. The New York Times reported that the deliberations are in response to the tens of thousands of people trapped on a mountaintop in the country’s north after Islamist militants drove them from their homes.
President Obama discussed the crisis with his national SECURITYDescription: team Thursday morning as the Islamic State (IS), the militant group formerly known as ISIS, made further gains. Airstrikes in particular would mark a significant shift in the U.S. strategy in Iraq.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, though, would not confirm the reports at Thursday’s press briefing and would not say what would trigger a military response.


TEA PARTY ECONOMIST: A 40-Year Conspiracy of Silence on Nixon

Written by Gary North 
It was 40 years ago today that Richard Nixon climbed into a government-supplied helicopter that was about to carry him into private life. He raised both hands in the famous V-sign, which supposedly symbolized victory, but which marked the most important single PERSONALDescription: defeat in the history of the American presidency.
Nixon over the next 20 years wrote his way back into a kind of grudging acceptance. He could always write, and he had plenty of time to write. The man who was more hated by Democrats than any other Republican, long known as tricky Dick, wrote his way out of trickiness, disgrace, and general resentment against him. In this sense, he probably had the most successful post-presidency of any American President. He pulled himself out of the deepest hole that any President had ever dug for himself.
I voted for Nixon in 1968. I had a very good reason for doing this: revenge. If national politics is not based on revenge, then it’s based on nonsense. If you base your commitment to national politics on hope, then you are terminally naïve. But revenge is a perfectly good reason to vote for somebody, if you’re trying to get even with a politician’s enemies.
In 1962, ABC Television ran a PROGRAMDescription: “The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon.” Wikipedia’s article on Howard K. Smith is accurate.
After the 1962 mid-term elections, Smith presented a documentary entitled, “The Political Obituary of Richard Nixon” as part of his Howard K. Smith: News and Comment (1962–1963) television series. Smith referred to Nixon’s “last press conference” after his disastrous losing campaign against Democrat Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, Sr., for governor of California. In that exchange, the former vice president famously told reporters that they would not “have Nixon to kick around any more.” Smith included in the broadcast an interview with Nixon’s longstanding nemesis Alger Hiss, a CONVICTEDDescription: Cold War perjurer.
I decided when I saw Hiss brought in as a character witness against Richard Nixon, that if I ever had an opportunity to vote for Nixon, I would. My motive was simple: to get even with Howard K. Smith. I also vowed that I would never do it again, and I never did.
The Watergate story is one of the most amazing stories in American history. It is amazing for at least two reasons. First, historians have never figured out why somebody on Nixon’s staff ordered the break-in. What in the world did this PERSONDescription: have in mind? What did he expect to discover in the Democratic Party National Committee’s headquarters?
But the second aspect of it is, and has remained, the most amazing. We are told that Watergate illustrates the triumph of American democracy, because a sitting President was forced to resign. Nobody ever asks this question: “How did the government know which sections of the infamous Watergate tapes to demand from Nixon and his LAWYERSDescription:” They were not granted access to all of the tapes. The tapes have never been released. They are still incomplete in terms of public transcripts and access. The government’s lawyers could only request highly specific segments of specific tapes. They knew exactly which sections to subpoena.
(For the rest of my article, click the link.)


‘I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THESE WORTHLESS PIECES OF SH*T ARE DEAD’: Mom Vows Vengeance On Illegals Who Killed Her Off Duty Border Patrol Son

This is another example of the real effects of illegal immigration on Americans. This off-duty border patrol agent was shot in front of his mother, wife, and children by illegal immigrants who had already been deported six times before. See below…
A mother who watched her cop son gunned down in front of her, his wife and his children allegedly at the hands of two illegal immigrants has vowed not to rest until his ‘worthless piece of s**t’ killers are dead.’
Heartbroken Marie Vega was on a family fishing trip with her husband Javier, son Javier Jr., his wife Paola and their three children when they were ambushed by two armed Mexican illegal immigrants who have been deported SIX times before in total.
Javier Jr and his father bravely tried to fight them off, but the off-duty Border Patrol Agent was fatally shot in the chest and Javier Sr was blasted in the hip.
Mexican nationals Gustavo Tijernia, 30 and Ismael Hernandez, 40 fled the scene and were ARRESTEDDescription: hours later after a huge man hunt.
The ruthless killing has again highlighted the border crisis plaguing the Obama administration which is struggling to contain a huge wave of illegal immigration across the border with Mexico which has stretched authorities to breaking point this year.
On Tuesday devastated Marie posted an emotionally charged message on her Facebook page alongside a picture of her beloved son.
Marie, who works as a photographer, wrote: ‘My sweet sweet baby. I failed you oh sweet child of mine. I was supposed to protect you and keep you safe. I failed to save your life. I wish a million times I had died and not you. You are my life, my heart was ripped out when I lost you. I will not rest until these worthless pieces of s*** are dead.’
Hundreds of law enforcement officers turned out for Javier Vega’s mass, held at St. Francis Xavier Church in La Feria on Thursday. The CAR LOTDescription: was packed with State Trooper Vehicles, local police cars and SUV’s from Javier’s colleagues in The Border Patrol.

 Dr. Manuel Cereijo, P.E.

El pueblo cubano está constantemente siendo desinformado en relación a los 5 espías encarcelados en los EEUU.

La  expulsión de 14 diplomáticos cubanos, desde 1990 a la fecha, 7 designados a la ONU, y 7 a la Sección de Intereses de Cuba en EEUU, nos motiva a un análisis sobre los espías cubanos. Estos diplomáticos han sido acusados de actividades dañinas a la seguridad de EEUU., entre ellas, el reclutamiento de espías. Entre ellos, Manuel Collazo Usallan, y Jose Imperatori

 En realidad no fueron 5 espías de la Red Avispa, sino 27.  5 de ellos, jamás mencionados  en Cuba, se declararon culpables y cumplieron prisión. Estos 10 fueron apresados en Septiembre de 1998. Cuatro otros espías se declararon culpables en Mayo de 1999., y se encuentran en un plan especial de cambio de identidad.

El gobierno cubano nombra a: Gerardo Hernández; Ramón Labañino; Antonio Guerrero; Fernando González; René González

Junto con este grupo, y trabajando en la misma red, fueron apresados el mismo día las siguientes personas: Joseph Santos; Amarilis Silverio; Alejandro Alonso; Nilo Hernández; Linda Hernández

¿Porque el pueblo cubano no ha sido informado sobre estos cinco? Porque se declararon culpables, y las sentencias variaron entre 4 años a 7 años de prisión.

Joseph Santos, ingeniero eléctrico, era Profesor de Ingeniería de Computación en la Universidad Central, Santa Clara. Era director del Centro de Computación de esa Universidad. Sentenciado a 4 años.

Amarilis Silveiro, Profesora de Matemáticas aplicadas a la Computación, de la  misma Universidad Central de Santa Clara. Sentenciada a 3 ½ años

Joseph y Amarilys están casados. Ambos declararon que su misión era la penetración en las redes computacionales del Comando Sur. El Comando Sur es el Centro Militar de los EEUU para el Sur de este Continente, y radica en Miami. La pareja logro infiltrarse por un tiempo corto, e inclusive envió un reporte a Cuba sobre el Comando.

La familia de Joseph Santos, oriunda de Placetas, se mudo para Cuba a principios de los 1960s. Joseph y su esposa se infiltraron en los EEUU en 1994. Fueron secretamente sacados de su trabajo en la Universidad Central.

Alejandro Alonso, nacido en EEUU y luego su familia se mudo para Cuba de nuevo.  Se confesó culpable de tratar de infiltrarse en otra base militar de EEUU.

Otro matrimonio, Linda y Nilo Hernández se declararon culpables y fueron sentenciados a 7 años.  Linda Hernández, que tiene a su hija de 13 años y a su madre en EEUU declaro” agradezco a Dios por el arresto, porque nos ha dado la oportunidad de hacer algo que debimos hacer hace tiempo, cooperar con los EEUU para desmantelar la red de espionaje de Cuba. Su esposo, de 43 años tuvo palabras similares

El matrimonio espiaba la base militar aérea de Homestead, al sur de Miami, así como la base militar de Fort Bragg, en Carolina del Norte. Ambos se infiltraron en los EEUU en 1983. La madre de Nilo vive en Cuba.

Hay alrededor de 18 espías mas, algunos encarcelados, otros expulsados por ser diplomáticos, y otros que se escaparon a Cuba. Todo esto desde 1988 hasta la fecha. Entre ellos: Juan Pablo Roque, que huyo a Cuba el mismo día del asesinato de los Hermanos al Rescate.  José Rafael Brenes, espió de 1988 a 1991, escapando a Cuba en esa fecha. Bienvenido Avierno y Virgilio Lora, diplomáticos cubanos en Washington. Fueron expulsados en 1988.

Mariano Faget, que trabajaba para  el INS, fue capturado como espia, en el 2001, que daba información a Cuba sobre personas y datos de inmigración, asilos, etc

Manuel Collazo Usallan, miembro diplomático de Cuba en la ONU, fue capturado mientras estaba realizando labores de espionaje, y expulsado a cuba, en los 1990s

Más detalles

Los distintos objetivos de La Red estaban clasificados con los siguientes nombres claves: Operación Surco: la penetración del Comando Sur de los EEUU en el área de Miami. Operación Picada: infiltrar a la organización” HAR”. Operación Girón: espiar a los congresistas cubanoamericanos. Operación Tejedor: lograr la animosidad entre las distintas organizaciones de exiliados cubanos y Radio y TV Martí. Operación Finado: el envío masivo de cartas para desprestigiar a la FNCA. Operación Aeropuerto: la infiltración de la Base Aeronaval de Boca Chica en Cayo Hueso. Operación Escorpión: Lograr la destrucción de las avionetas de los Hermanos al Rescate “HAR”.

El primer director de la DGI en 1961 fue Manuel Piñeiro (Barbaroja), después le siguieron Joaquín Méndez Comiche, Jesús Bermúdez Cutiño, Germán Barreiros Caramés (Luis) y Eduardo Delgado Rodríguez.

Los nombres y detalles de algunos, a continuación

1.- GERARDO HERNANDEZ NORDELO .- (La Víbora, Habana 4/Jun/1965). Oficial de la inteligencia cubana  “DGI” y el Jefe de La Red Avispa. Para la DGI era el agente Giro y/o  Giraldo. Dibujante y caricaturista. Destacado en Angola de 1989 a1990, militante del Partido Comunista Cubano (PCC). Se infiltró en 1994 utilizando el alias “ Manuel Viramontes” aunque vivió con falsas identidades en varios lugares del territorio de EEUU, en Miami residía en 18100 Atlantic Blvd. #305 en North Miami. El FBI se metió en su apto. en agosto de 1996 y en ese momento es que se enteran de gran parte de las operaciones logradas por La Red, como el apoyo logístico que condujo al derribo de las dos avionetas de HAR. Capturado el 12/sep/1998. Condenado a 2 cadenas perpetuas + 216 meses. Confinado en la prisión de Lompoc, California.
Donde tiene teléfono, internet, TV, recibe correspondencia libremente, entrevistas para la prensa mundial.

2.- RENE GONZALEZ SEHWERET.- (Chicago, 13/agosto/1956). Agente “Castor y/o Iselin” de la DGI, llegó a Key West el 8/dic/1990 piloteando una avioneta de fumigación. Se infiltró en los Hermanos Al Rescate y en el Movimiento Democracia. Vivía en 8000 SW 149 Ave. # A-403, Miami. Fue informante del FBI y causó la detención y condena del miembro del PUND, Héctor Viamonte.

Fue junto al espía Roque (agente Germán) una pieza importante en la muerte de los cuatro miembros de HAR por parte de los hermanos asesinos, los dos pilotos de los Migs cubanos, Alberto L. y Francisco Pérez Pérez. Ambos fueron juzgados en ausencia y condenados, están en la lista de “buscados” por la Interpol.

El agente “Castor” fue condenado a 15 años. Puesto en libertad condicional en oct/2011. La jueza Joan Lenard le permitió regresar a Cuba, porque renunció a su ciudadanía norteamericana.

3.-RAMON LABAÑINO SALAZAR.- (La Habana 9/jun/1963). Oficial “Allan” o el “Oso” de la DGI conocido en EEUU con el alias de Luis Medina. Segundo al mando en La Red Avispa. Militante del PCC. Grado de Mayor. Se infiltró para espiar a Base Aérea de MacDill en Tampa. y la importante Base Aérea Barksdale en Lousiana donde están los bombarderos B-52 del SAC.
Su apellido aparece también como Labadiño y Vilariño. Condenado a cadena perpetua + 216 meses (18 años)

4.- FERNANDO GONZALEZ LLORT.- (La Habana, 18/Agosto/ 1963) Oficial  “Vicky” y/o “Oscar” de la DGI. Tercero al mando de la Red. Infiltrado con el nombre de Rubén Campa. Militante del PCC, destacado en Angola del 1987 al 1989. Estuvo viviendo 4 años con identificación falsa en Fayetteville, Carolina del Norte donde muy cerca están importantes bases como Pope y Fort Bragg. Condenado a 22 años por conspiración, falsificación y por ser un agente extranjero sin identificarse como tal. En el 2009 se le rebajó la condena a 17 años + 9 meses. Cumple actualmente en la prisión Terre Haute en Indiana.Acaba de ser dejado en libertad y se encuentra en Cuba.

5.- ANTONIO GUERRERO RODRIGUEZ.- (Miami, 1958) Agente “Lorient” de la DGI. Utilizó el nombre falso de Rolando González Díaz. Entrenado por la KGB soviética en espionaje y contraespionaje. Graduado en URSS como ingeniero en construcción de aeródromos. Militante del PCC. En 1991 se casó con la panameña Niccia Pérez Barreto y viajaron a Panamá, para desde allí venir a los EEUU sin despertar sospechas. Fue el único que logró infiltrarse en una Base Militar, cuando trabajó en la Base Aérea de Boca Chica (Operación Aeropuerto) objetivo asignado por el oficial ilegal Alberto Manuel Ruiz (huyó a Cuba)  Allí conoció a Margaret Becquer con quién convivió varios años, hasta casarse en 1998. Condenado por la jueza Joan Lenard a cadena perpetua más dos condenas de 5 años por espionaje y amenazar la seguridad de EEUU. En 2009 le rebajó la condena a 21 años + 10 meses + 5 años de libertad condicional. Cumple en la prisión de Florence, en Colorado.

Estos 6 espías huyeron a Cuba.-

1.-HUGO SOTO.- Agente “Horacio” y/o “Roco” de la DGI. Infiltrado con el nombre falso de Ricardo Villarreal. Trabajaba bajo las órdenes del jefe “Giro”. Le dijo a su novia que era de Tampico, Méjico “pero no tenía acento” y que para allá regresaba por problemas de salud, pero fue visto por una amiga en Miami en 1997. Tampoco era el empresario que decía ser. Vivió en Normandy Isle en Miami Beach. Le gustaba pescar pero según su esposa regresaba sin nada. Su esposa y su amiga no quieren dar sus nombres públicamente. El agente Levy “Ariel” declaró conocer a Soto desde Cuba y que este le contó que participó en el atentado a Luis Posada Carriles transportando las armas desde Méjico. HUYO A CUBA.

 2.-  ALBERTO MANUEL RUIZ.- Oficial “Alberto” y/o “Manny” y/o “A-4” de la DGI. Planificó junto a Juan Pablo Roque el derribo de las avionetas de HAR, “Operación Escorpión”. Su otro objetivo era la supervisar  la penetración por agentes de la base aeronaval de Key West, “Operación Aeropuerto”. HUYO A CUBA.

 3.-  REMIGIO LUNA.- Agente “Marcelino” de la DGI. Actuaba como ayudante del Jefe de la Red Gerardo Hernández. Se demostró en el juicio en mayo de 1999 que la DGI bajo el mando del general de división Jesús Bermúdez Cutiño puso en acción el 29/enero/1996 el plan “Operación Escorpión” destinado a confrontar al HAR (Hermanos al Rescate) En febrero de 1996 la DGI le ordenó al oficial “Giro” (Gerardo Hernández) y al agente Alberto Ruiz que comisionaran a los “pilotos infiltrados” en HAR Juan Pablo Roque y René González y a los agentes “Horacio” y “Marcelino” a que informaran la fecha apropiada y el plan de vuelo de una escuadrilla de HAR para destruirla en el aire y decir que estaban en el espacio aéreo cubano. HUYO A CUBA.

4.- JUAN PABLO ROQUE.- (La Habana, 1956)Agente “Germán” de la DGI. Grado de Teniente Coronel entrenado en la URSS como piloto de combate en aviones Migs. En 1992 llegó a nado a la Base Naval de Guantánamo. Al llegar a Miami se infiltró como piloto en HAR para informar y ayudar a derribar las avionetas el 24/feb/1996. Engañó y utilizó a Ana Margarita Martínez para poder casarse en 1995. Fue informante del FBI y con lo que le pagaron se compró un reloj Rolex que después lo estaba vendiendo para poder subsistir. Se sabe, desde su regreso está en “desgracia”, como todos los traidores. Formaba parte de un plan de la DGI para justificar el derribo de las 2 avionetas de HAR. El 23/feb/1996 un día antes de la destrucción en “aguas internacionales” de las 2 avionetas y el asesinato de los 4 ocupantes  . ….. HUYO A CUBA.

5.- DANIEL RAFULS.- Agente “José” de la DGI. Profesor  de la Academia InterArmas Antonio Maceo. Llegó a los EEUU en el año 1995 para tratar de penetrar medios académicos, pero no tuvo éxito. Solamente pudo dar charlas por Radio Martí y ser dependiente en el restaurante  El Botín. Formaba junto a su esposa Vivian otra pareja de agentes-espías. HUYO A CUBA.

6.-VIVIAN SABATER.- Agente “Tania” de la DGI. Profesora de Filosofía e Historia en la Universidad de La Habana. Llegó también en 1995 pero 4 meses después que su esposo Daniel Rafuls. Alcanzó hacer una presentación en UM y trabajó de maestra sustituta en Kinloch Park Elementary. La huída de ambos fue tan rápida que una semana después aún había comida en el refrigerador y los agentes del FBI seguían escuchando en la sala de la casa los mensajes dejados en la contestadora automática.  HUYO A CUBA.


La espía apresada más importante, en los últimos 40 años, es Ana Belén Montes. El pueblo cubano no ha sido nunca informado de esto. Fue apresada en Septiembre del 2001, a pocos días después del atentado terrorista asimétrico contra los EEUU. Ana Belén Montes se declaro culpable, y fue condenada a 25 años de cárcel.

¿Y quién es y que hacia Ana Belén Montes?

Nacida en 1957, en una base militar de EEUU en Alemania.  educada en los Estados Unidos. Empezó a trabajar para el DIA-Agencia de Inteligencia del Dpto. De Defensa., en 1985 y ya en 1992 trabajaba como espía para Cuba. Llego a tener la más alta posición sobre Cuba en la DIA, era una analista de la más alta posición, y coordinaba la agenda y reuniones entre todas las agencias de inteligencia de EEUU en relación a Cuba.

Es considerado uno de los casos de espías de más daño a los EEUU porque Ana Belén Montes tenía acceso a los secretos de defensa y a influenciar la política de EEUU. Montes tenía contactos con los miembros de la oficina de seguridad nacional de EEUU.  Todavía el daño causado por Ana Belén Montes está siendo investigado por la oficina de Contrainteligencia de los EEUU. Se investiga los cientos de documentos sobre Cuba escritos por ella durante 15 años para evaluar la desinformación causada.

Una de las formas de comunicación que usaba Ana Belén Montes era mediante un radio de alta frecuencia, transmitiendo mensajes codificados, con números en forma arbitraria, que descifraba con una PC  y un programa especial. Este método es el mismo que utilizaban los agentes encarcelados y mencionados anteriormente.

Otro método de comunicación era mediante la entrega personal de discos de computadoras que contenían mensajes codificados. Este método era usado también por los espías cubanos mencionados anteriormente.

Otro método usado, al igual que los espías antes mencionados, era a través de un beeper que indicaba un teléfono público, de donde se conversaba también en forma codificada.


Carlos Alvarez y su esposa Elsa Prieto, encarcelados en Miami, y ya en libertad. Profesores universitarios, que por muchos años  espiaron para el gobierno cubano.


Los esposos Myers trabajaban para el Departamento de Estado, y hace solo unos pocos meses fueron apresados y se declararon culpables de haber estado espiando para el gobierno cubano por treinta años

Las actividades de espías cubanos en los EEUU es la más activa actividad de espionaje desde 1970 en comparación con cualquier otro país. Y representa una amenaza a la seguridad nacional de los Estados Unidos. La inteligencia cubana se considera entre las primeras cinco del mundo.

·        Los principales grupos son: Directorado General de Inteligencia (DGI) del Ministerio del Interior; el Departamento de la Contrainteligencia Militar del Ministerio de las Fuerzas Armadas. El DGI es el responsable por la inteligencia sobre otros países
·        El DGI tiene 6 Divisiones divididas entre dos categorices de igual tamaño: Las Divisiones Operacionales y las Divisiones de Apoyo.
·        Las Divisiones Operacionales incluyen: Las Divisiones de Inteligencia Políticas/Económicas, la División de Contrainteligencia Externa, y la División de Inteligencia Militar
·        Las Divisiones de Apoyo incluyen la División de Apoyo Técnico, la División de Información, y la División de Preparación.
·        La División de Apoyo Técnico es responsable por la producción de documentación falsa, sistemas clandestinos de comunicaciones en apoyo a operaciones terroristas, y el desarrollo e implementación de comunicaciones codificadas. Las Divisiones de Información y Preparación son responsables del análisis de funciones de inteligencia.
·        Las Divisiones de Inteligencia Política/Económica consisten de cuatro secciones: Europa del Este; América del Norte; Europa Occidental; África/Asia/América Latina
·        La División de Contrainteligencia Externa es la responsable de penetrar e infiltrarse en los servicios de inteligencia de otros países
·        El Departamento de Inteligencia Militar se concentra en obtener información sobre las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos y controla la Base de Bejucal así como todas las operaciones de SIGINT
·        El Departamento de Contrainteligencia Militar es responsable por las operaciones de contrainteligencia, SIGINT, y todas las operaciones de terrorismo cibernético y electrónico contra los Estados Unidos.

Cuba tiene capacidad de inteligencia: HUMINT, SIGINT IMINT

HUMINT: inteligencia humana, esto es, espías infiltrados en otros países. Esta forma de espionaje es la que hemos mencionado en este reporte.
SIGINT:   espionaje electrónico, es decir, el espionaje de conversaciones telefónicas de otros países, intromisión en redes computacionales de otros países. Cuba utiliza bases cibernéticas, como la de Bejucal, en operación desde 1998.
IMINT:   espionaje mediante el uso de fotos desde aviones y satélites. Cuba usa los servicios de satélites brindados por  Rusia hasta el 2002, y desde el 2003 por la PRC (China)

Response Action Network Newsletter
Here is your weekly update on the politics and policies affecting our liberties. 


CIA Director John Brennan appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. He admitted that the agency had spied on Committee staffers ". . . who prepared an investigation of the controversial post 9/11 CIA interrogation and detention program," andapologized for it. 

Several members of Congress have since called on President Obama to fired Brennan. But that raises another, 
very troubling, question: 

"President Obama could surprise the country by axing his former counterterrorism adviser, explaining that under Brennan's management, employees broke laws and undermined the separation of powers core to our democracy. Obama may well make a good-faith effort to act in the national interest. But it's impossible to believe that he won't be aware of the following: No U.S. official knows more than Brennan about Obama's many drone killings. Some of the killings were solidly grounded in international law. And others may have violated the 
Fifth Amendment, international law, or the laws of war. 

"In the past, Brennan has been willing to lie about those drone strikes to hide ugly realities. For example, he stated in the summer of 2011 that there had been zero collateral deaths from covert U.S. drone strikes in the previous year, an absurd claim that 
has been decisively debunked. What if he grew more forthright, either in public statements or by anonymously leaking information?" 

In other words, Brennan may know too much for Obama - or anyone else - to fire him. 


Not all of former IRS official Lois Lerner's emails were lost in a supposed computer crash. Some that survived have been made public and they paint a picture of a bureaucrat who hates conservatives. 

One would think this is a big story. The email exchanges show Lerner has a powerful bias against anyone who challenges the Obama line. But the mainstream media generally reacted to the emails with a
collective yawn: 

"The messages don't prove that Lerner deliberately targeted Tea Party groups for special scrutiny, or that higher-ups knew about it. But they reveal a whole heckuva lot about her state of mind. 

"To give it short shrift suggests a certain eye-rolling attitude toward the IRS story, or perhaps a tacit view that some conservatives are kinda nuts. 

"Imagine a swirling controversy about a Bush administration official who was alleged to be out to get liberal groups. Emails surface in which the person rips, say, pundits on MSNBC or other liberal activists. Wouldn't the press go crazy that such a biased individual was in charge of investigations? Wouldn't there be analyses and op-ed columns and followup stories?" 

Of course there would. But Lerner was merely echoing the thoughts of many reporters. And if they took her to task, it would mean they would have to criticize themselves, too.


In last year's debate over whether to increase the federal debt ceiling, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said: 

"'The cupboard is bare. . . There's no more cuts to make.' 

"'We all want to reduce the deficit,' she added. 'Put everything on the table, review it, but you cannot have any more cuts just for the sake of cuts. Right now you're taking trophies.'" 

Wrong again, Nancy: 

"For one Federal Communications Commission worker, his porn habit at work was easy to explain: Things were slow, he told investigators, so he perused it 'out of boredom' -- for up to eight hours each week. 

"Lack of work has emerged time and again in federal investigations, and it's not just porn, nor is it confined to the FCC. Across government, employees caught wasting time at work say they simply didn't have enough work to do, according to investigation records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act." 


There has been a lot of talk, almost exclusively from Democrats, about a plot to impeach President Obama. Democrats have been peddling the line toraise money. But when one writer decided to fact-check Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee'sstatement that Democrats never tried to impeach former President George W. Bush, Jackson-Lee's staff got angry: 

"I was transferred to a gentleman on Lee's staff. When I again asked him about the contradiction and stated that perhaps I was confused, the man said 'Oh look it here, we have one of those right wing, tea-bagger nut jobs on the phone taking his cues from FOX News.' 

"He then accused me of being un-American, raising his voice at me while asking me to calm down, and telling me that I am just on some mission to destroy our country. When I calmly asked for his name, he said 'I don't have to give it to you because I don't want to show up on some right wing blog and be on your Twitter account.' Keep in mind, I never said who I was - he just made assumptions and attacked me. When I reminded him that he gets paid by our tax dollars, he said 'I doubt you even pay taxes and the IRS will find you soon enough,' and hung up on me. 

"Was that a threat from Rep. Lee's staff to use the IRS as a weapon against citizens for just asking questions?" 

Yes it was.


According to a new book, the Vice President is a fan of skinny-dipping. And endangering national security: 

"'Agents say that, whether at the vice president's residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,' Kessler writes. 

"'Female Secret Service agents find that offensive.' 

"More serious is Biden's insistence, according to Kessler, that his official motorcade not interfere with his neighbors back in his home turf of Delaware. 

"That means the veep puts an uncomfortable -- perhaps even dangerous -- distance between himself and the vehicles carrying his physician and the 40-pound "football" that enables him, if necessary, to authorize the launching of a nuclear warhead, the book claims." 

 En mi opinión Lázaro R González Miño