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No 1044 "En mi opinion" Lunes Septiembre 21, 2015

No 1044 “En mi opinion” Lunes Septiembre 21, 2015

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AMENPER: El aprendiz (serie de TV de Estados Unidos)
Estoy copiando de Wikipedia literalmente lo que dice sobre la serie de Donald Trump “El aprendiz”.
Lo hago porque me gustaba mucho la serie, me gustaba el payaso Donald Trump cesanteando y ridiculizando a los estúpidos que se presentaban en el programa.
Me gusta Donald Trump como payaso, es muy bueno, como payaso dice las verdades sin reservas, y es muy bueno en su actuación.  Lo único que no quisiera otro payaso en la casa blanca.
Aquí la página de Wikipedia en inglés traducida.

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
El aprendiz
Obama also took a page out of Trump's book...
If Donald Trump has said it once, he has talked about making America a winner 10,000 times. Just as familiar is his refrain that he will “make America great again.”
As those words resonate with Republican voters, they have also now found their way into the White House–as President Obama showed this week when he parroted Trump in a defense of his accomplishments.


“America’s winning right now. America is great right now,” President Obama told the Business Roundtable on Wednesday, responding to Trump’s catchphrases without a direct mention of the Republican front-runner.
Obama also took a page out of Trump’s book in terms of hard rhetoric against China and the issues he will raise when he welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House next week.
Obama then said the nations can have a dialogue “as long as we don’t resort to the kind of loose talk and name-calling I notice some of our presidential candidates engage in. It tends not to be constructive.”


Obama also replied obliquely to Trump’s often-heard call to make America a leader in competing against the rest of the world.
“This whole notion that somehow we’re getting out-competed, out-dealt, we’re losing…Nobody outside the United States understands what we’re talking about,” Obama said.
By Wednesday night, Trump had slightly refined his slogan.
“If I become president, we will do something really special. We will make this country greater than ever before,” Trump said.
Trump also offered a stark disagreement with Obama about the world’s perception of America.
“The world will respect us. They will respect us like never before. And it will be actually a friendlier world,” Trump said at the debate.


Quintin George

Obama Just Gave the Stupidest Advice Ever During Alaska Visit

President Obama burned thousands of gallons of jet fuel getting to Alaska so he could rename a mountain that already had a name and promote his global warming agenda in the coldest state in America.
During a speech he gave to the residents of Kotzebue, a town 26 miles north of the Arctic Circle, he touted the benefits of solar and other “clean” energies as the answers to their high energy costs and unemployment.
According to CNSNews:
“Because energy costs are pretty severe up here, for remote Alaskan communities, one of the biggest problems is high energy costs,” the president said.
“One of the reasons I came up here is to really focus on what is probably the biggest challenge our planet faces. If there’s one thing that threatens opportunity and prosperity for everybody, wherever we live, it’s the threat of a changing climate,” said Obama.
One thing that may have slipped Obama’s notice, however, is that many towns in northern Alaska get six hours or less of sunlight during the winter. In fact, in Barrow, which is the northernmost town in Alaska, residents go 67 days a year without ever seeing the sun.
So maybe recommending solar energy, “to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, promote new jobs and new growth in your communities,” wasn’t his finest moment.
Do you think Obama’s climate change agenda is out of touch with the needs of real Americans?

Como las cosas siguen cambiando en Cuba!!!

Jose Y Marcia Caula

Cuba Arrests 50 Catholic Dissidents as Pope Francis’ Visit Nears

by Frances Martel

The Cuban government’s now-ritual weekly arrests of pro-democracy dissidents continued on the last Sunday before Pope Francis lands on the Caribbean island, with more than 50 Catholic protesters arrested after attending weekly Mass.

The arrests occurred in Havana following a Catholic Mass largely attended by the Ladies in White dissident group. The group–composed of mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives of prisoners of conscience–is predominantly Catholic and attends Mass in white every Sunday. They follow the religious rite with a march through the streets of Havana, often holding signs about their loved ones. This Sunday, they were accompanied by members of a separate dissident group, the Cuban Patriotic Union. Forty Ladies in White and ten allies were arrested and shipped to prison in buses, with the images showing violent treatment towards the women by Cuban officials.
Reports claim the women were arrested for marching in an “unauthorized” street in Havana. Many were released hours later after spending time in jail. The Cuban government has made a habit of these short-term arrests, only to re-detain the same protesters the next Sunday. The Castro regime has increased its arrest activity this year in response to the increased popularity of attending Catholic Mass in silence for dissidents. This year, Cuba increased the number of political arrests by 70 percent between February and March alone.
The Ladies in White intend to attend the Pope’s Mass in Havana next weekend, said leader Berta Soler. “What I would tell the Pope,” she told Reuters, “is that political violence against people who want to participate or exercise their liberty in public assemblies must stop.”
The head of the Cuban Patriotic Union, José Daniel Ferrer, echoed her sentiments: “The Church should be concerned about this or any time human rights are involved. It is their duty.” Ferrer was arrested this Sunday while marching with the Ladies in White.
The Catholic Church has largely stayed out of the Cuban struggle for democracy, with Ladies in White activists growing increasingly critical of Cuban Archbishop Jaime Ortega’s silence on the issue. At least one church has banned the women from attending Mass at all, despite the local priest’s admission that they do not disturb the Mass in any way, save for wearing white. The women are commonly subjected to a number of degrading acts, including men urinating in front of them and being tarred by angry communist mobs.
When asked directly about the Cuban government’s oppression of its Catholic population, Pope Francis told a reporter this July, “There are some countries and also some European countries where you cannot make a sign of religion, for different reasons, and on other continents the same.” The Pope’s relationship with Cuba remains warm despite these attacks on Catholics; he is largely credited for helping President Obama decide to make major concessions to the Castro regime last December, and Raúl Castro has said he personally likes the Pope so much that “if he continues this way, [he] will return to the Catholic Church.”
As an alleged gesture of goodwill, the Cuban government will release more than 3,000 prisoners in anticipation of the Pope’s visit to Cuba. They have made clear that none of these will be prisoners of conscience–in communist terms, those who have committed “crimes against national security.” Most will be among the youngest and oldest in the prison system.
Pope Francis will arrive in Cuba on September 19 and is scheduled to give Mass in Havana and the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

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