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No 696    “EN  MI  OPINIóN”   Junio 24, 2014
“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R González Miño Editor

Petition to Demand the Resignation of President Obama.

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This is an unprecedented time in our nation’s history. The American people are outraged by the display of unconstitutional, corrupt, immoral, and criminal actions by President Barack Obama and his Administration. We, the people, demand justice. We, the people, demand that President Barack Hussein Obama resign immediately.
We, the people, present the following:
The IRS Scandal:
§  Whereas: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intentionally abused their power by targeting conservative organizations; and
§  Whereas: These actions demonstrate that the IRS was being used as a tool for partisan, political manipulation and advantage; and
§  Whereas: President Obama will not reveal or admit to knowledge of the actions of his Administration, deeming him either ineffective or deceitful. At a minimum, this makes him guilty of betraying the trust of the American people; and
§  Whereas: Accountability is crucial if we are to send a message to our elected officials and bureaucrats that committing crimes against the American people and our Constitution will not be tolerated;
§  Therefore: We demand a thorough investigation and full disclosure of the matters concerning the IRS scandal; and swift, expedient action against all offenders, including the President of the United States, to the fullest extent of the law.
The Benghazi Scandal:
§  Whereas: Key members of the Obama Administration, seemingly with President Obama’s knowledge, willfully denied support to the American ambassador and other brave Americans while they were under attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012; and
§  Whereas: The ensuing cover-up, including the intent to deceive the American people about the nature of the attack, was politically motivated for the advancement of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign; and
Whereas: The truths uncovered to date, which are too many to list, prove that the death of four Americans was exploited as a tool for partisan, political manipulation and advantage; and
§  Whereas: President Obama will not reveal or admit to knowledge of the actions of his Administration, deeming him either ineffective or deceitful. At a minimum, this makes him guilty of betraying the trust of the American people; and
§  Whereas: Accountability is crucial if we are to send a message to our elected officials and bureaucrats that committing crimes against the American people and our Constitution will not be tolerated;
§  Therefore: We demand a thorough investigation and full disclosure of the matters concerning the Benghazi scandal; and swift, expedient action against all offenders, including the President of the United States, to the fullest extent of the law.
The Associated Press Scandal:
§  Whereas: The Obama Administration’s Department of Justice secretly obtained private telephone and fax records of Associated Press reporters and editors; and
§  Whereas: The communicated intent, once this seizure was revealed, was to search for government leaks; the perceived intent was an attempt by government officials to intimidate and manipulate freedom of the press; and
§  Whereas: The Department of Justice violated its own regulations which recognize the importance of freedom of the press, and exceeded their authority for the purposes of partisan, political manipulation and advantage; and
§  Whereas: President Obama will not reveal or admit to knowledge of the actions of his Administration; deeming him either ineffective or deceitful. At a minimum, this makes him guilty of betraying the trust of the American people; and
§  Whereas: Accountability is crucial if we are to send a message to our elected officials and bureaucrats that committing crimes against the American people, and our Constitution will not be tolerated;
§  Therefore: We demand a thorough investigation and full disclosure of the matters concerning the Associated Press scandal; and swift, expedient action against all offenders, including the President of the United States, to the fullest extent of the law. Read more: http://MinutemenNews.com/petition-to-demand-the-resignation-of-president-obama/#ixzz35UEowOTI

§  Hillary Presses the Self-Destruct Button Again
Hillary Clinton’s weird inferiority complex about money is doing in her potential presidential campaign. Only a couple of weeks ago she lamented being “dead broke” when leaving the White House, evoking gales of laughter and waves of scorn over the self-pity displayed. In a nation with scores of millions of people actually dead broke, with a net worth at or below zero, the spectacle of a woman set to collect millions of dollars in speaking fees and publisher’s advances bemoaning her financial plight bespeaks a bizarre detachment from the lives of ordinary people.
Now, she’s done it again. In an interview with the Guardian, as friendly a publication as one could imagine, she’s gone and stuck her foot in her mouth again.
She has claimed that despite the reported hundred million dollars she and her husband have raked in since the time since they were “dead broke,” they are not “truly well off.”
…with her huge personal wealth, how could Clinton possibly hope to be credible on this issue when people see her as part of the problem, not its solution?
“But they don’t see me as part of the problem,” she protests, “because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work,” she says, letting off another burst of laughter. If past form is any guide, she must be finding my question painful.
For 99.9% percent of the public, receiving a hundred million bucks over the course of 14 years, even if you pay half of it in income taxes, makes one “truly well off.”


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Poland’s government has long been uneasy about the Obama administration’s “reset” of relations with Moscow and its scaling down of a Bush-era missile defense plan, but private comments allegedly by Warsaw’s foreign minister have cast […]

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 The Miami Herald and the Miami-Dade County Unions and specially the police union and Rivera will not tell the current budget facts and history of the budget overrun .

When writing about the proposed Miami-Dade County budget cuts and specific Mayor Gimenez police cuts is important to cover the “complete story”. Most of what I read in the Miami Herald is only a one sided argument of the story to promote an agenda.

It is most important to explain how did the Miami-Dade County budget increased and what are some of the extraordinary items that fuel the existing short comings.

I cannot remember all of the items BUT I do remember some. The first one that comes to mind is the free monthly healthcare for all Miami-Dade County Unions approved by the Commission over the strong objection of Mayor Carlos Gimenez. This outrageous benefit gift that the commission provided to all Miami-Dade County employees while the average Miami-Dade County family of three pays $300.00 to $ 400.00 for their healthcare in the private sector is most outrageous. The passing of this benefit for the Miami-Dade County Unions was done with ruthless indifference and disregard to the average working family in the private sector . 

The Commission proposed and voter approved a  property tax increase for the benefits of “cats and dog” and their sheltering. Credit Commissioner ‘Pepe Diaz” for the idea. While the elderly or the needy could use more housing and benefits Commissioner Pepe Diaz ideas  is let provided better accommodation for cats and dogs. 

Voters also approved a 700 million dollar bond for Hospital Jackson strongly endorsed by the Miami Herald disregarding the many union excess and fraud that were reported and committed by some ranking administrators. 

There is also the issue of billions of dollars also voter approved for Miami-Dade County Schools that while I think it does not weigh in with the Miami-Dade County budget it does come to exacerbate the Miami-Dade property tax base. Also there are issues to be resolve with Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer system in need of hundred of millions to upgrade the sewer system.

IF all of the taxing issues fall on the property tax base there will consequences. Renter will pay much higher rent as property owners will pass the increase not only of the rented property but the renter will pay for the owners house as well and of that I am sure. Real Estate will continue to be more difficult for the average Miami-Dade County family. Others like retired people will struggle to pay for the increased property taxes. The disposable income that feeds many of the local business will feel it as well for the obvious reasons.

Also what is most clear to many and me is that Property tax increases cannot continue to be the “ONLY’ source of government funds. There are other ways that are more fair and less taxing to the Miami-Dade County family. Such as taxing second homes or fuel tax, or increase sales tax, luxury boat licenses registration and many other ways that revenue can be increased. But property tax should not always be the solution to all the unnecessary tax excess that many commissioners create.   

Jorge Aguiar
Doral, Florida

Republicans In This State Just Took Steps To Impeach Obama

“I’ve got a thick book on impeachable offenses..."

According to recent reports, South Dakota Republicans joined together to pass a resolution demanding Barack Obama be impeached. Among the reasons listed is the recent release of five dangerous terrorists in a deal with the Taliban to return Bowe Bergdahl, a hostage described by his fellow soldiers as an Army deserter.
The state’s Republican Party drafted the resolution to convince “our U.S. Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States.”
In a relatively close 191-176 vote, party delegates approved the resolution sponsored by Sioux Falls Republican Allen Unruh. In addition to the Taliban trade, the document listed allegedly impeachable offenses including the misrepresentation of ObamaCare and the Environmental Protection Agency’s targeting of America’s coal-fired power plants.
“I’ve got a thick book on impeachable offenses of the president,” Unruh asserted.
Butte County resident Larry Klipp also supported the measure, saying he “will pray for” anyone who failed to see the “traitorous scandals” that have defined this administration.
It remains to be seen whether the resolution will have any bearing among the state’s legislators. South Dakota has but one U.S. Representative, Kristi Noem, who has not been receptive to the idea of pursuing impeachment.
A spokesperson for the congresswoman indicated that she “believes the best way for Congress to hold the president accountable is to continue aggressive committee oversight and investigations” into the aforementioned scandals.
She is far from the only state Republican unwilling to support the idea. David Wheeler, one of the dissenting delegates in the resolution vote, contended that pursuing impeachment would essentially be a political move that would ultimately only damage the GOP.
“By doing this, we would look petty,” he concluded, “like we can’t achieve our political goals through the political process.”
Larry Eliason also disagreed with the move, though he admitted he has disagreed with every decision Obama has made during his presidency – with the exception of his pet adoption.
While this resolution might ultimately fail to gain traction in any definable way, it is yet another example of the growing trend among experts and elected officials who believe Obama’s actions as president warrant a criminal investigation.

Is Obama Copying Putin’s Tactics In Controlling The Political Opposition?

It looks to me like our Dear Leader is being more than flexible, just like he promised Medvedev.


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We all remember the hot mic quote from Obama when speaking to the Russian number-two Medvedev: “Please tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after the election.” It looks to me like our Dear Leader is being more than flexible; he is mirroring Putin’s tactics to control the political opposition.
Putin is well known for sending his political opponents to the far corners of Siberia in order to punish them for standing in his way, and to frighten any potential adversaries into thinking twice about confronting him.  The most famous case is Mikhail Khordorkovsky, who upon challenging Putin on corruption (and on the way the rule-of-law was routinely trampled upon by those in power in Russia) found himself in prison for almost ten years in Siberia.  The Kremlin has shut down opposition political websites, placed opposition leaders under house arrest, and is now openly talking about shutting down popular social media sites used to spread opposition information–such as Twitter.  A popular tactic by the powers-that-be in Moscow is to use the tax police to raid the headquarters of opposition figures and charge them with fraud.  These tactics have been highly successful in Russia, as the political opposition to Putin has been greatly diminished since these aggressive measures have been implemented.
Has Obama learned from Putin’s success in destroying the democratic principles laid out in the Russian constitution? Let’s look at the evidence. The most obvious example of this is the IRS scandal, where Obama used our federal tax authority to harass and silence voices of the conservative movement arrayed against him prior to his reelection. This corrupt effort included multiple visits by armed personnel in some cases, and delays in granting tax-exempt status–which prevented them from being active in spreading their message.  In any case, it was an abuse of governmental authority from the highest levels–and a tactic that would have made Stalin proud.  Now, as we see email evidence mysteriously disappearing from IRS hard drives and accused bureaucrats taking the fifth amendment, the plot is only thickening.
Although less immediately detrimental to those involved, let’s discuss the recent revocation of the trademark status of the Washington Redskins.  Although no one is being threatened or having their opinion silenced, the case nonetheless is frightening in its own right.  The fact that the United States government, with all of its power, can unilaterally get what it wants via executive fiat when people do not follow its politically correct commands is truly disturbing and should frighten all Americans.  The Redskins issue is not one of political activity, but an issue of opinion.  So now we have the U.S. government dictating what opinions are acceptable in today’s society. This is straight out of a novel by George Orwell.
In addition, we all know how Obama has, on his own, decided not to enforce laws passed by Congress.  He has also changed laws, selectively not enforced certain provisions, or enforced his agenda illegally by executive order when Congress would not go along with his wishes.  This is also straight from Putin. Judges and law enforcement authorities in Russia routinely wait to hear what Putin has to say about a subject before deciding which way to rule in a court case or other judicial proceeding.
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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

For The Last Time, Freedom Isn’t Free

Are you willing to make the same sacrifice?


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Since the dawn of time, mankind has been instilled with the God-given spirit of free will. He was given the freedom to choose to either follow God or Satan. Following God came with a price of being faithful and following His commandments, whereas the price for following Satan was deceit, death, and destruction.
All through the ages, man has developed that yearning desire for freedom, such as the Pilgrims did. They paid a dear price by traveling months across the ocean in hopes of finding the new land in order to have the ability to exercise religious freedom. The greatest examples of the manifestation of God-given freedom can be found in the Federalist papers, the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Our Founders, being God-fearing people, chose to pledge the lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in order to be truly free–and to guarantee that freedom for many generations to come.
In the early 20th century, the world was faced with the onslaught of Fascism and Communism. These ideologies were an attempt to deceive, enslave, and destroy the masses. Those of our ancestors who had enjoyed natural, God-given freedom responded to the call to arms in defense of the rest of the world and made the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives in order to give oppressed people a taste of true freedom for the first time. This is why they are known as the greatest generation.
Since the time of the great wars, there are still people who embrace the tenants of Fascism and Communism and have been hard at work in the highest levels of government. America has been infiltrated. The infiltrators have changed the rules of engagement to a point that war is no longer winnable. They target their political opponents using the IRS. They spy on every aspect of the average American’s life using the NSA. They illegally run arms into foreign nations and to terrorist groups, while leaving Americans to die either in a foreign land or in a VA hospital. Now, they have recently released five top terrorist commanders back into the battlefield, while leaving a decorated Marine to rot in a Mexican jail for a simple misunderstanding. His cries for help to the American government have fallen on deaf ears.
While the size of government grows, our freedoms are eroded. Take the standoff at the Bundy ranch, for instance. The government went in and set up “free speech zones”. The last that I knew, the entire United States of America was a free speech zone. Currently, there are groups seeking to have every reference to God removed from all municipal buildings, including schools and state houses under the guise of “separation of church and state”.  I have been unable to find this phrase in my copy of the US Constitution. Is it in yours?
Our nation’s schoolteachers are having the freedom to teach individual classes and children based upon their abilities taken away from them under the new government-imposed education standards known as Common Core. The government is seeking to turn our children into faceless zombies, a product of the Liberal/Communist indoctrination centers that our public schools have become.

They Tried To Censor This Principal, But What He Just Did Made The Crowd Erupt In Applause

Will there be consequences for this principal's actions?


During a commencement speech at Lebanon (Missouri) High School on May 23rd, Principal Kevin Lowery urged his graduating students to remember that “God is still important,” even though prayer has been banned from high school graduations.
Principal Lowery opened his speech with the famous sentence from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  He remarked that “This passage has come to represent a moral standard to which the United States should always strive.  And even though God is reflected in the very fabric of our nation, we are told that it is inappropriate and even illegal to mention God at high school graduations, let alone say a prayer.”
Lowery opted to observe a moment of silence rather than risk being “politically incorrect” by leading the room in prayer.  Yet after the silence, he offered the gathering his thoughts during that moment: “I gave thanks to God for these great students, their parents, their teachers, and for this community.”
The crowd erupted in cheers and applause from those who understood how the high school principal had just circumvented the prohibition on graduation prayer.
At least one prominent atheist contacted the district to lodge a complaint after learning about Lowery’s speech at the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon.  Yet many more people have expressed appreciation for the principal’s boldness to stand up for his beliefs.
Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/mo-principal-bypasses-prayer-ban-graduation-god-still-important-speech/#AUJIgYytLv7YrMag.99

AMENPER: Tenemos que recordar que el Cristianismo es una Droga
La famosa frase de Marx que la religión es el opio de los pueblos es un concepto real con una desviación ideológica.  La ideología marxista quiere decirnos que la religión degradada de su tiempo alienaba al ser humano y no satisfacía su verdadera necesidad, lo cual tiene cierta validez.  Pero aunque la comparación de la religión a una droga es válida,
Marx olvidaba una realidad, y esta es:
Todas la drogas son buenas, lo malo es el mal uso y abuso de las drogas.
No existe droga que sea mala, hasta el peor veneno del mundo que es el arsénico tiene propiedades medicinales. El opio al que se refería Marx es una droga que correctamente dosificada es muy beneficiosa como antiespasmódico y sedante.  Muchos hemos tomado la medicación conocida como  Elixir Paregórico que es un licor anisado de alcohol con Opio, este es posiblemente el antiespasmódico más antiguo conocido.  Pero no podemos culpar a las drogas del abuso que el hombre le da y todo sabemos los daños que producen el uso de las drogas, en este caso específico el Alcohol y el Opio.
Si.... tiene razón Marx, el cristianismo es una droga. 
Es la droga divina que regaló Dios al mundo para curarnos de nuestro peor mal que es el pecado.
¿Pero qué puede hacer Dios cuando el hombre usa el Cristianismo para en su nombre, degradarlo y, abusarlo?
¿Qué culpa tiene Dios de las guerras que se han librado bajo la excusa del Cristianismo?
 No podemos culpar a Dios del abuso del cristianismo como no podemos culpar a Dios del abuso de las drogas que él nos ha regalado-
Cuando dicen que los cristianos somos la sal de las tierra.  Están comparando a los cristianos con una droga, el Cloruro de Sodio.  La sal es un condimento que da mejor sabor a las comidas, también es bueno como medicación en casos deshidratación. 
Pero cuando abusamos de la sal, esta puede ser una droga mortífera. 
El abuso de la sal trae consigo una retención de fluidos con edemas y otras afecciones que pueden causar la muerte.  Por eso los médicos nos recomiendan que comamos bajo de Sal.
No existe droga que sea mala por sí, es su abuso lo que la hace mala. Cuando tomamos café, la cafeína es un diurético y estimulante que nos puede ayudar, pero su abuso es malo para la salud.
El alcohol es una de las drogas más utilizada en medicaciones en forma de Elixir y Jarabes, tiene propiedades antisépticas como uso externo y ha sido usada como antihelmíntico para los parásitos intestinales desde tiempos inmemorables.  El apóstol San Pablo recomienda as su alumno Timoteo que no tome agua, que en aquellos tiempos estaba contaminada de parásitos, y le dice que tome vino (alcohol) para que se alivie de su dolencia. Pero todo sabemos los daños que puede causar el abuso del alcohol en el individuo y la familia.
Un dicho popular es que “No se puede ser más papista que el papa”.  Como todos los dichos tiene la sabiduría popular.
 No se puede ser más cristiano que Cristo, tenemos que imitar a Cristo, pero no podemos atribuirnos la autoridad de Cristo.
Esto es lo que hacen algunos de los profesionales de las instituciones religiosas para mantener a los miembros cautivos. Tratan de  imponer sus tradiciones humanas que convierten en doctrinas, contaminan a las Droga Divina del cristianismo.  Complican el divino plan de Dios para su propio beneficio.
Como vemos diariamente el diabólico abuso de las drogas por el hombre, así vemos al hombre contaminar el cristianismo. Los políticos usan palabras de la Biblia y  conceptos del cristianismo sacándola de contexto, con interpretaciones privadas, para  también abusar las doctrinas cristianas. Nos están imponiendo, a nombre de la caridad cristiana un estado de dependencia que está destruyendo la sociedad y haciendo del trabajo que es un mandamiento de Dios, un anatema, y de la vagancia una virtud,  para mantener a sus “feligreses” que son los votantes, esclavos de su droga.
Y nos acusan de ser malos cristianos porque no compartimos sus abusos.
Dios creó las drogas, cubiertas en su creación, y permitió que el hombre a través de los años descubriera estas drogas, Dios crea y el hombre descubre la creación.  Pero es la conducta del hombre desde Adán, el abusar de los regalos de la creación que Dios nos da.
El cristianismo esa droga divina que nos regaló Dios, hay que usarla siempre usando la dosificación que se encuentra en su libro de instrucciones, que es la Biblia, no de las instrucciones que viene de la boca de los hombres.